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May 2008 — The Onondaga County Water Authority is pleased to provide its customers and consumers with the Authority’s 2007 Annual Water Supply Statement and Consumer Confidence Report. Throughout this report readers will be able to find useful information specifically related to OCWA as well as information related to water in general. In addition to mailing the report to all customers of record, the Authority continues its practice of providing copies of the report to local libraries and posting the text on the Internet at www.ocwa.org.

Once again OCWA has successfully navigated a very busy year. Major construction efforts included main replacements and developer main extensions coupled with major tank replacement projects located in Van Buren and Canastota. Authority engineers, in conjunction with a local consulting engineer, also wrapped up design of improvements and upgrades for the Otisco Lake dam facilities and the Marcellus water filtration plant. OCWA also completed tank-painting projects in Clay and Geddes.

For the year, OCWA added 227,515 feet of water main and replaced an additional 27,806 feet of main. The Water Authority also replaced 84 hydrants and added another 225 hydrants. Other improvements include the addition of seven generators for two pump stations, four storage and communications facilities, and one mobile unit, thus rounding out auxiliary power coverage for all major facilities.

Looking ahead to 2008, OCWA’s ongoing improvement efforts continue. With the treatment plant design completed and approved, bids were successfully received in April of 2008, allowing for construction of the improvements to begin in early summer. The Authority successfully sought financing of the project through the New York State Drinking Water State Revolving Fund. As a result, the interest rate for the project will be one-third lower than could have been obtained through the issuance of typical Authority revenue bonds. Accordingly OCWA cut interest expenses related to the project and saved customers approximately $1.5 million.

Early in 2008 the Associated Press released a three-piece story on pharmaceuticals in drinking water sources. While the Onondaga County Water Authority was not one of the systems covered by the story, the article did stir interest of OCWA’s Board and Management. To that end, in April of 2008 the Authority made arrangements, through an independent laboratory, to test for some common pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the raw and treated waters of both Otisco Lake and Lake Ontario. Once the results have been received, the results will be posted on the OCWA website for your review.

To learn more about the OCWA water system and water supply, you are urged to read the information included in this report and to explore this website.

Robert F. Tomeny Michael E. Hooker Anthony J. Geiss, Jr, PE
Chairman, OCWA Board Executive Director Deputy Executive Director