Welcome to the OCWA Education Program

Welcome to our Water Education Program page where you’ll find fun, interactive, and educational videos and links for kids who love learning about water as much as we do! Check out all of these awesome educational materials below to explore the different aspects that go into water on this planet.  On this page you will find materials for both middle and elementary school age groups.  Explore our different games and activities below!

For teachers, feel free to use any of the materials that we have provided here on this page. We welcome any and all feedback about what is presented here, as well as any water education ideas/materials that you use in your classroom. We also provide educational classroom handouts upon request, these include coloring activities and stories about water! If you would like the classroom handouts or have any questions, please contact Jeff Brown, OCWA Public Affairs Officer, at 315-455-7061 extension 3115 or by email at jbrown@ocwa.org.

Elementary School Materials

The Water Cycle