OCWA has established a proactive Distribution System Betterment/Improvement Projects Program which focuses on replacing small-diameter diameter water mains (12” and under) in neighborhoods in various locations throughout the service area. The replacements are aimed at improving water quality and system reliability, increasing water pressure in some areas, and maintaining adequate flows throughout the system.

The Program helps OCWA meet several goals in providing better service to its customers by:

Providing a proactive, business-like approach to replacement by assessing pipeline condition and setting a schedule for replacement, which in turn;

  • Minimizes service disruptions from emergency main replacements; and
  • Works to eliminate the cost of repeated pipeline repairs and the disruptions to communities

Current Distribution System Betterment/Improvement Projects:

Canastota (Village):

  • 12” Relocation of New York State Route 5 – 11,500’ of 12” increase system flows, in conjunction with State road rehabilitation

Clay (Town):

  • Taft Road-Buckley Road to South Bay Road – 6,000’ of 12” in conjunction with Onondaga County paving project

Cicero (Town):

  • 12” Extension Lake Road – 2,250’ of 12” Increase system flows and redundancy eliminate one-way feed

Geddes (Town)

  • 8” Extension Route 5 Westvale Pump Station to Terry Road – 900’ of 8” replace aging infrastructure

Minoa (Village)

  • 8” Extension Schuyler Street – 265’ of 8” increase system redundancy eliminate one-way feed

North Syracuse (Village):

Oswego (Town)

  • Rathburn Road – 2,000’ of 12” increase system redundancy eliminate one-way feed

Solvay (Village)

  • 8” System Betterment Russet Lane – 625’ of 8” replace aging infrastructure
  • 8” Extension 4th Street (Cogswell to Dead End) – 350’ of 8” replace aging infrastructure

Van Buren (Town)

  • 8” Extension Henderson Blvd. and Northrup Blvd. – 410’ of 8” increase fire flows to surrounding area

Upcoming Projects:

Cicero (Town)

  • 8” Extension Miller Circle to Old Bartell Road – 600’ Directional Drill upgrade system flows
  • 12” Extension Route 11 Brewerton Tank to Bennetts Street – 2,600’ of 12” replace aging infrastructure
  • Bear Springs Road and Mudmill Road – 2,250’ of 8” replace aging infrastructure

Lysander (Town)

  • Hencle Blvd. (Smokey Hollow Road to Sixty Road) – 5,300’ of 16” replace aging infrastructure in corrosive soils

Onondaga (Town)

  • Cleveland Road (Skyline to Horizon Terrace) – 2,200’ of 8” replace aging infrastructure)

Salina (Town)

  • East Molloy Road (Westwood to Rapheal) – 3,700’ of 8” replace aging infrastructure in conjunction with county paving project)

Customers and residents in the immediate water work area will receive advance notification and specific information on how the project will affect them. For more information on the Distribution System Betterment/Improvement Projects program and anticipated projects, please contact Engineering at 315-455-7061 ext. 3104.