Residents in a community who desire to have public water can petition their Town to study and develop a water district to provide them with public water. The Town conducts an Engineering evaluation with OCWA’s input to determine the feasibility of constructing a water system. If it is determined viable, the Town will construct the water system and after complete and all approvals obtained, OCWA will operate and maintain the system.

District projects that are being considered, or are in process, include:

Projects Under Construction:

Projects Planned for Construction in 2022:

Projects in Evaluation Stage:

  • Town of Schroeppel – Hinmansville / Bankrupt Road Area
  • Town of Schroeppel – County Route 57 / Huntley Road Area
  • Towns of Sullivan / Lenox – Adjoining areas south of Route 31; northeast area of Sullivan, northwest area of Lenox
  • Towns of Manlius / Sullivan – Salt Springs Road Water District
  • Town of Granby – Water Service Area #8 (Northwest portion of Town)