WTP Mechanical Improvements

WTP Mechanical Improvements2016-08-11T14:01:51+00:00

The Onondaga County Water Authority is working on completing improvements to the mechanical systems at the Otisco Lake Water Treatment and Intake Site.  The work includes maintenance, repairs and replacement of:

  • Approximately 30 hot water unit heaters
  • Radiant ceiling heating panels
  • Hot water heat circulating pumps
  • Hot water heat expansion tank
  • Main reheat coil on makeup air unit
  • Relocation of dehumidifier condensing unit from inside to outside
  • Rooftop air conditioning unit
  • Cleaning ductwork
  • Replacement of corroded metal items
  • Installation of dehumidifiers at the intake site
  • Replacement of ductwork and fans at intake site
  • Replacement of one of the backwash pumps