Effective January 1, 2016

RATE SCHEDULE NO. 8U – Unmetered Accounts

AVAILABILITY: Service under this rate schedule is available to any customer within the Authority’s service area.

APPLICABILITY: Any approved unmetered purpose.

Unmetered Rate 8U1
Unmetered Rate 8U2
Unmetered Rate 8U3
Unmetered Rate 8U4

$ 48.33
$ 61.66
$ 415.72
$ 797.66



Unmetered rates are limited to pre-existing accounts and are based on estimated quarterly usage and based on location by County. All new accounts are required to be metered.

BILLING: The bill hereunder shall be billed to the Customer in arrears.

PAYMENT: Bills are rendered net and are payable within fifteen (15) days after presentation, in accordance with Article VIII of the Customer Rules of the Authority.

TERMS AND CONDITIONS: Service hereunder is subject to the Customer Rules of the Authority.