Q. Am I required to have a water service line maintenance agreement?
A. No. OCWA does not require customers to have a maintenance Agreement

Q. I thought OCWA was responsible for my water line, why would I need an agreement?
A. OCWA’s responsibility for the water line serving your home or business starts at the water main and ends at the edge of the public right of way, which may be at the edge of or inside your property line. You, as the owner, are responsible for the water service and all plumbing starting at the curb shut-off box located at the edge of the right of way and extending from there to your home.

Q. Do I need a water service line maintenance agreement?
A. This is a personal preference that only the customer can answer and one that is generally based on your own personal concerns such as age of your home, age of the service line, the nature of service line material, and cost of the agreement versus cost of repair and so on.

Q. Does OCWA provide a service line maintenance agreement?
A. No, service line maintenance agreements are provided by independent providers that are not affiliated with the Authority.

Q. Does OCWA endorse or recommend a particular service agreement provider?
A. No, OCWA does not endorse any service agreement providers.

Q. Does OCWA benefit from my purchase of a service line maintenance agreement?
A. No. OCWA receives no compensation for an agreement that you choose to purchase.

Q. Does OCWA provide my personal information to service providers?
A. No. OCWA does not share your personal information with any other companies and does not provide mailing lists to outside firms.

Q. Where can I find more information about a service provider offering a maintenance agreement?
A. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) is a good place to start. The BBB can be reached by phone at 800-828-5000 or via email at www.BBB.org.

Q. Does my home owners insurance cover a water line leak?
A. You should contact your insurance agent to see what your insurance policy may or may not cover. Also you may want to inquire about what options your insurance company may provide related to your water and or sewer line.

Q. Any other helpful hints?
A. As with any such agreement, whether for a car, washing machine, or computer, always be sure to check the fine print. Ask the service provider to spell-out exactly what will be done in the event of a water line leak and ask them to be specific about who will do the work for you.