Hydrants in the OCWA distribution system are for fire use and may only be used for other purposes upon request and upon compliance with our Hydrant Meter Rental program. Unauthorized use of hydrants constitutes theft of service and is in violation of Section 165.15 (4) of the Penal Law of the State of New York.

Hydrant Meter Rental Program:

Compliance with OCWAs rules of use is necessary to protect the integrity of the water distribution system and to maintain control of water quality. The following documents must be completed and returned to OCWA before use of OCWA’s hydrants:

Provide a minimum of 48 hours’ notice to process the rental request.

Contact OCWA for a Hydrant Use Policies and Procedures packet. Requests and questions should be directed to our Customer Service Representative at extension 3100.

Municipal Hydrant Use:

Please refer to:

This information describes OCWAs policies and procedures for municipalities and their DPWs that use OCWA hydrants.

If any unauthorized use of hydrants is noticed, please call 315-455-7061 x 3109 and provide the hydrant location with any cross streets and the license number of the vehicle, if applicable.