The following information is a guide to facilitating a water service connection for new construction or to change service from a private well to our public supply.

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General Information, Rules, Requirements

If you already have a service with OCWA and are moving to a new location, see Existing Water Accounts. If the property is not already served by OCWA, then please call the OCWA Engineering Department (315-455-7061 ext. 3104) and they will advise you of the availability of water at your location.

To be prepared, please have the following information available to assist in the process.

• Address of property (house number or tax map ID)
• Distance of house from road
• Closest intersecting street
• Township

OCWA’s connection fee depends on the size of service you need and the size of the connecting main. Payment of the connection fee will start the process for your new service.
The completed application card (front and back) is required along with payment.


To obtain water service to your newly constructed home or existing home serviced by a well, follow these steps:

1. At least 6-8 weeks prior to the desired water service activation date, call the OCWA Engineering Department (315-455-7061 ext. 3104). They can explain the process and send you initial service documents, which will include:

A. A sketch showing installation standards for your portion of the water service
B. An Application for Water Service
C. A letter outlining the items needed to start the service process.

2. Review OCWA’s Customer Rules on our Customer Service tab.

3. Submit the completed Water Service Application with any required payments.

4. Place a stake where you would like the service to enter the property. Then call our Distribution Office (315-455-7061, ext. 3127) to set up an appointment for them to visit your site. They will assess the proposed location and contact you with their decision.

5. Have your plumber/contractor install the service from the building to the property line, leaving a whip of service line at least 2’ aboveground.

6. When your portion of the service has been installed, call our Distribution Office (315-455-7061, ext. 3127) so that they can schedule installation of OCWA’s portion of the service.

7. Once OCWA’s portion is installed, and you are about a week away from needing water, please contact Customer Service (315-455-7061 ext. 3335) to schedule a meter installation. The Representative will schedule a time for our installer to come to your house, install the water meter, and turn on the water.

What to expect at meter installation:

A. OCWA installs the water meter when your plumbing is complete (inside and outside of your house).

B. OCWA, at the time of the meter installation, will also install a remote device that will enable us to read the meter without entering your building. Normally this is installed near the front of the building and should be easily accessible to our meter reader. Please do not put any bushes or permanent structures in front of or blocking this device. The entire meter and remote reader installation process usually takes 30 to 60 minutes.



When you build a new home, or wish to connect public water to an existing home…..

Before purchasing a property that you would like to have connected to OCWA water, call to find out if there is a connection (Curb Box) to the property and, if not, to confirm that it is feasible for OCWA to provide water to the property.

OCWA’s connection fee depends on the size of service you need and the size and location of the closest water main. Payment of the connection fee will start the process for your new service. The completed Water Service Application is required along with payment.

OCWA installs all pipes and everything needed from the water main to your property line (road right-of-way), terminating with a curb shut-off box (which your portion of the water service will be connected to).

Based on the water pressure in your area (the Engineering Department will calculate this) you may be required to have a pressure-reducing valve (PRV) installed on the inlet side of the meter. The purpose for a PRV is to protect water-using equipment in your home, including the water meter. This will be the owner’s responsibility to purchase, install and maintain.

Per OCWA’s Rules and Regulations, construction of your new water service line will be required to meet one of the following criteria:

1. If your home is less than 150’ back from the edge of the road front property line, Type K copper tubing with flared fittings needs to be installed from the curb shut-off into your home and up to the meter. Your plumber or contractor (depending on your local health department codes) will install the pipe from your road front property line into your home. Two shutoff valves are required – one before the meter, one after the meter. Please see the installation sketch for the spacing requirements.

2. Meter Pit Installation will be required: (located outside of the road right-of-way)

A. If your home is to be built more than 150’ back OR
B. If you intend to use plastic water pipe, anywhere between the curb shut off and the desired water service entrance to the building (OCWA does not allow anything other than copper piping prior to the water meter). OR
C. If you will not have a heated and readily accessible space for the water meter.

The copper to plastic/PEX adapter is the customer’s responsibility.