The water meter is included in the water service connection fee for an OCWA water service and is owned and maintained by OCWA. The meter and the outside remote reader will be connected by OCWA, or under the supervision of OCWA.  OCWA reserves the right in all cases to designate the size, type and make of the meter and receptacle to be used. The meter and remote reader will remain the property of OCWA.  See our Customer Rules for more information regarding the installation of meters.

See Rate Schedule 5 for current meter fees.

Make an Appointment with Customer Service (x 3335):

  • Call us to reserve a slot at least 2 weeks in advance of the time you want your meter set and your water turned on/off.
  • When you call, please have your account number ready and a phone number where you can be reached.
  • Give us the date and time when you would like the water turned on/off.
  • Please have alternative dates ready too, because our appointment slots fill up quickly.
  • Remember: Someone must be at the property when our Meter Representative arrives.

OCWA tries to accommodate everyone to within a half-hour of the requested appointment, if possible.  The earlier you call the better chance you have of getting the appointment you desire.


OCWA tries to accommodate all customers and make it convenient to restart or stop a seasonal water service.  As stated above, please call for an appointment 2 weeks in advance of the time you want your water turned on/off.

Any further questions should be directed to our Meter Department at extension 3123.

Residential Meters:

Commercial/Industrial Meters:

Fireline Meters: