Establish or Transfer Water Service
If you are a property owner and you will be starting a new water service account or moving to a new property, you should contact us by calling our Customer Service Department at (315) 455-7061 ext. 3335

The following information will help eliminate the need for a follow-up conversation:

  1. Your customer and account number if you are a current OCWA customer.
  2. The address where you wish to start or transfer service.
  3. Instructions to start or transfer service.
  4. Your daytime phone number, including the area code.
  5. A copy of your Application for Service if you are starting a new service.
  6. The new owners name and closing date (if transferring to new owner).
  7. A current meter reading (helps confirm final bill if transferring to new owner).

For rented properties: Please note that tenants are unable to transfer service to another property — these requests must be made by the property owner. Property owners may add tenants’ names to an OCWA account so both the property owners and their tenants can receive bills in their names. Please ask about our Landlord/Tenant agreement when calling.


When you buy a previously or currently occupied home….

If you are moving into a home that was previously or is currently occupied, call Customer Service Department at (315) 455-7061 ext. 3335.

Please call at least three (3) days before the closing date on your home. Customer Service will check the property account and notify you of any outstanding bills against the property. It is important to have any such bills settled before you take ownership of the property.

We will also need a water meter reading on the day the previous owner is moving out and you are moving in.  This allows for properly billing accurate consumptions to the responsible party.

We will need the following information when you call:

  1. New Property Owner’s:
    1. Name
    2. Address
    3. Telephone Number
    4. Date of Birth
  2. Address of the property
  3.  Your move-in date
  4. Former owners’ name(s) – to help make it easier to process this information

When you buy a brand-new home with an established water connection….

If you are buying a brand-new house that has never been occupied, PLEASE CALL US REGARDLESS OF WHETHER WATER IS ON OR NOT.  The builder may have connected to the water main to test the plumbing without having OCWA set a meter, so YOU MUST CALL US FOR A METER INSTALLATION and account creation. Use of un-metered water will be calculated by OCWA and back billed against the account.

In this case, we will need the following information:

  1.  Property Owner’s:
      • Name
      • Telephone number
      • Date of Birth
      • Address of the property (lot number is always helpful in a new tract
  2. Be prepare
  3. to schedule a meter installation appointment.

When you are going to rent a home….

When a property is rented, we strongly encourage the property owner include the water as part of the lease, pay the water bill, and collect the money from the tenant.  Ultimately, the property owner is responsible for water charges if tenants fail to pay the bill.

If, as an Owner you wish to have the bill placed in the tenant’s name, we require that the OCWA tenant agreement be completed and signed by both parties. Please contact our Customer Service Department at (315) 455-7061 extension 3335, to obtain a copy of this agreement.

Please visit our FAQ page for more specific questions regarding establishing a water service account with OCWA.