The Onondaga County Water Authority met in regular session on June 19, 2013. Members of the Authority present were F. Picardi, S. Miller, E. Gilligan and J. Bianchini.
Others present: M. Hooker, A. Geiss, L. Khanzadian, and C. Marvin.

I.    F. Picardi called the meeting to order at 12:35 p.m.

  1. Minutes of the regular Board meeting of May 15, 2013, were on motion by J. Bianchini, seconded by E. Gilligan, approved by all Members.


  • Reviewed the Executive Director’s report.
  • Discussed the implementation of BoardDocs and use of computer tablets. Agreed on a training date of August 12, 2013 at 1pm for Board members and Management. BoardDocs representative will be on site to implement and train.
  • Update provided on OCWA’s billing system conversion and the assignment of a new project manager by the software vendor.
  • Meter change outs continue on schedule with 720 completed for the month of May.
  • Discussed the number of “old” meters in Camillus that will be changed out.
  • OCWA’s total customer account number has reached 100,578 as of June 17, 2013.
  • Notice of availability of the 2012 Consumer Confidence Report was completed in the May billing cycle. An estimated $25,000 was saved. Feedback has been positive.
  • Distributed the 2012 AWWA/Raftelis Water Rate Survey summary. Plan to post pertinent data on the OCWA website for customer review.
  • The County Economic Development Office is scheduled to begin the marketing of the White Pine Commerce Park. OCWA had committed to approximately $25,000 in the past but had not budgeted specifically for this in 2013.
  • Reviewed water sales report through May 31, 2013.
  • Attended the AWWA conference. Had an opportunity to review new tools available to in the water industry. Attended several educational sessions which will be shared with staff members. Discussed Strategic Priorities Working Group and a Strategic Plan.


  • Reviewed the Chief Engineer’s Report
  • Reported on the Otisco lake level currently at +6.00”
  • OCWA has ceased the operation of Cardiff and East Side Springs as of May 31, 2013. The notification of customers was completed.
  • Thurber St. Pump Station is in a two week testing period. Removal of the temporary pumps is pending a successful test and startup of the generator.
  • Attended a half day meeting, on May 22, 2013, of “large” authorities in Batavia. Included were Monroe, Erie, OCWA and Suffolk by phone. From OCWA, M. Hooker, C. Marvin, T. Geiss and J. Brown attended.
  • Reviewed the status of the Request for Qualification for Engineering services related to evaluation of the dam, with a due date of June 21, 2013. There will be DEC updates on dam stability to review.
  • A question was raised from S. Miller on buoys which were recently placed around the Otisco lake. The buoys were installed by New York State as navigation aids.
  • Reported that the 2012 Energy Report has been completed. Summary provided to the Board.
  • Provided a letter with an updated summary to the Town of Manlius Supervisor on the maintenance needs of the Skyridge Water District. OCWA recommends that the District pursue funding to accomplish the improvements.
  • Asbestos tile removal, by the contractor, in the garage has been completed and a Change Order is necessary for the proper disposal of water from the trench drains and an additional area of tile removal.
  • OCWA is developing a punch list items for the Eastern tanks. Final inspections are scheduled for late June, 2013.
  • Disinfection by-Products continue to remain low which is a result of OCWA employee team work.
  • Slightly behind schedule on tank painting projects, largely due to weather.
  • Presented a Change Order for East Hill railings and changed size of OCWA logo specification on three tanks. Total cost of the changes are $9050.00
  • On motion by S. Miller, duly seconded by J. Bianchini, with all Members approving, the Board accepted the Change Order as outlined totaling $9,050.00.
  • Asbestos removal Change Order to include the removal of tile in the vestibule and the proper disposal of water following testing. Total cost of change order is $10,942.05.
  • On motion by S. Miller, duly seconded by J. Bianchini, with all Members approving, the Board accepted the Change Order as outlined totaling $10, 942.05.


  • Legal Report is available. J. Brown is out of work on a one week military leave.


  • L. Khanzadian reviewed the Human Resource and Insurance/Risk Management report.
  • Reported on the increase in recruitment and provided a summary of the recruitment activity.
  • Reviewed the Dental and Vision self-insured renewal rates which includes a 5% increase in the dental premium. Requested Board approval.
  • On motion by J. Bianchini, duly seconded by S. Miller, with all Members present approving, the Board accepted the renewal rates for the OCWA Dental & Vision plans as presented.
  • Reviewed the renewal for OCWA’s property, commercial general liability, business automobile, commercial umbrella, and professional liability insurances. The 7.5% rate increase is largely due to the increased property exposure. Requested Board approval.
  • On motion by S. Miller, duly seconded by J. Bianchini, with all Members approving, the Board approved the renewal rates effective June 1, 2013 as presented.
  • Advised the Board, as required, that OCWA has a pending grievance from the Teamsters on the use of Personal time. Will schedule the preliminary grievance meeting as outlined in the collective bargaining agreement.
  • Requested Executive Session to review the up- coming Teamster requested mediation.


  • J. Bianchini commented positively on the Accounting Department’s handling of the proactive approach to re-financing the 2005 bond, taking advantage of the low interest rates in the market.
  • Two Rights of Way were presented for consideration
  • On motion by J. Bianchini, duly seconded by S. Miller, with all Members approving, the Board authorized the following right(s) of way.
    • 4130054 Hexad Properties 8” Ext., The Cottages @ Timber Ridge, TLYS
    • 4130013 Southwest Buckley Properties, LLC8” Ext., Red Barn Acres, Sec. 1, TCLA
  • Two Contractor Main Extension Contract(s) were presented for consideration. On motion by S. Miller, duly seconded by J. Bianchini, with all Members present approving, the Board authorized M. Hooker to execute the following Main Extension Contract(s):
    • 4130054 Hexad Properties 8” Ext., The cottages @ Timber Ridge, TLYS
    • 9003664 Colonial Finance Group, Inc. 8” Fire Service to 604 Old Liverpool Road, TSAL


On motion by E. Gilligan, duly seconded by S. Miller, with all Members approving, the Board adjourned the regular Board meeting at 1:50 p.m. and convened an Executive Session.
On motion by J. Bianchini, duly seconded by S. Miller, with all Members present approving, the Board adjourned Executive Session at 2:15 p.m.
There being no further business to come before Board, upon motion duly made and seconded, the meeting adjourned at 2:17p.m.
The next Authority meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, July 17, 2013 at 12:30 p.m.

Respectfully Submitted,
Laurie Khanzadian, Recording Secretary