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Please submit your comments or questions to the appropriate department below. If unsure, direct your query to either the Customer Service Department or Human Resources, and it will be addressed.

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If an emergency or immediate response is required, do not rely on email.  Please call our main office at 315-455-7061 or our after-hours emergency number at 315-475-7601.

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Customer service
-Billing inquiries
-Payment plan
-Bought a house (moved in)
-Sold a house (moved out)
-Transfer or disconnect water
-Start water service
-Meter change out
-Hydrant meter rentals
-Online payments
-Online payment site is down
-Password issue
-Log-in issue

Distribution pipes
-Repair to property (such as damaged lawn or blacktop)
-Main leak
-Curb or valve box issue

Engineering services

-Construction of new water lines
-New water service on existing water main
-Installation of hydrants
-Back flow

-Water quality

Meter repair
-Report a leak
-Request repairs

Human resources
-General comments
-Compliments or complaints

-Discolored water
-Outside facilities
-Pump stations


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