Board Meeting Date Change

The Onondaga County Water Authority will hold its regular Board meeting on February 13, 2023, at 12:00 p.m. at its offices on 200 Northern Concourse, Town of Salina, New York 13212. Notice is also given that the Board may convene from time to time as the Audit, Governance or Finance Committee. Jeff Brown Executive Director

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Fairmount Tank Project Update

The Fairmount Reservoir was built in the early 1900’s as part of the Syracuse Suburban Water Company, a predecessor to OCWA – Central New York’s Water Authority. It is the primary storage facility for the Authority’s Otisco Lake water supply and manages about half of all water OCWA delivers on a daily basis. This drone [...]

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Fairmount Tank Project Update

Our Fairmount location is undergoing some significant updates, including the construction of two new covered tanks.  Below are several relevant updates for this project: The Contractor completed the new East Tank and it officially went into service on January 14, 2022. The East Tank was painted with an aesthetic coating in early August of 2022. [...]

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Town of Lysander Scheduled Water Shutoff

This notice is to advise you that the Onondaga County Water Authority (OCWA) will be shutting off the water in the highlighted area on Tuesday, January 10, 2023, between 9:00 am and 1:00 pm (approximately). OCWA will be cutting in new piping Tees for a scheduled water main replacement along Hencle Blvd. To accomplish this [...]

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A Healthier New Year With Water

In preparation for the new year, many people start thinking about their resolutions. A common resolution is improving one’s health. One of the easiest ways to improve your health is by drinking enough water.  Every person is different in terms of how much water they need and should consult with their health care provider, but [...]

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Cover Crops around Otisco Lake

Cover crops are crops used for the sole purpose of protecting the soil and reducing runoff. They are planted in the spring and winter and contribute to improving soil quality. Cover crops can be used to protect watersheds from nutrient runoff by trapping nutrients in their roots and leaves, which are then decomposed by bacteria. [...]

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Lake Ontario Facts

Lake Ontario is the 13th largest lake in the world.   Lake Ontario is the smallest Great Lake in surface area, but it exceeds Lake Erie in volume.   The 5 Great Lakes account for nearly 21 percent of the planet’s fresh water.   Central New York is known for its snowy winters and for [...]

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Did You Know These Facts About OCWA?

OCWA proudly serves 340,000 residents in the following five counties in Central New York: Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Oneida, and Cayuga. To serve such a large area, OCWA maintains over 2,300 miles of water main which, if laid out continuously, could reach from Syracuse to Las Vegas.   OCWA’s average residential customer uses up to 130 [...]

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Staying Hydrated In The Winter

Staying hydrated should not just be a summertime focus, it is equally important to stay hydrated during the winter months. The standard guideline is that individuals should drink eight glasses of water each day. Below are some health benefits to staying hydrated in the winter. Avoiding Winter Dehydration As winter approaches, we find ourselves putting [...]

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Happy Thanksgiving from OCWA

OCWA would like to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving by sharing a few tips to help conserve water on the holiday. Tips for Thanksgiving Day Water Conservation - Clean vegetables in a sink or pan partially filled with water rather than running water from the tap. - If you wash dishes by hand, rinse them [...]

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