Canastota Route 5 Water Main Work Update/Completion Schedule

The following are the latest updates and projected timeline for completion of water main work along Route 5 in the Village of Canastota, Town of Lenox: The new water main along Route 5 has been installed. There are 3 more bores that need to be completed for connections across Route 5. We are digging the [...]

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Lake Ontario Water Treatment Plant Upgrade – Part 1

This is the first in a series of five articles providing an overview of major upgrades that OCWA—Central New York’s Water Authority--will be making to its Lake Ontario Water Treatment Plant (LOWTP) over the next several years.  This first article will summarize the purpose behind the upgrades.  Follow-on articles will discuss specific components of the [...]

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How to Identify Official OCWA Employees

How can customers confirm they are dealing with official OCWA employees when they visit your home or business to change a meter or fix a leak?  There are three easy steps you can take to ensure the identify of legitimate OCWA employees: First, all OCWA employees carry an identification card issued by the Authority which [...]

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OCWA Wins Three Construction Awards

At the recent annual awards banquet hosted by the American Public Works Association, Central New York Branch, OCWA--Central New York's Water Authority--was honored to receive three separate awards for innovative construction projects completed within the past year.  The awards included: 2018 Team of the Year Award - A cross-functional team of employees from OCWA’s operations, [...]

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Flushing Notice – Fayetteville Area Flushing Has Concluded For 2018

The planned flushing activities in the Fayetteville area has ended as winter weather moves into Central New York. Residents in the Fayetteville area may occasionally see OCWA personnel flushing hydrants, however this work would be in response to emergency water main or service repair work.  This type of flushing would be smaller in scale and [...]

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OCWA Awarded $846K State Grant for Otisco Lake Improvements

OCWA—Central New York’s Water Authority—recently was awarded a $846,000 grant from New York State to make safety and efficiency improvements to its Otisco Lake intake and transmission main.  The grant was funded through the state’s Water Infrastructure Improvement Act (WIIA), a government program designed to support critical municipal water infrastructure projects throughout New York. The [...]

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OCWA Provides Tips for Preventing Frozen Water Pipes

With winter finally upon us and snow accumulations expected in Central New York this weekend, it's that time of the year for OCWA customers to begin thinking about ways to protect your home plumbing from freezing. OCWA urges residents to take precautions to protect outside water services and home plumbing fixtures from freezing. Water lines [...]

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Flushing Notice – Fayetteville Area

Flushing Notice – Fayetteville Area **As of October 24, 2018, flushing in Fayetteville is temporarily suspended. Once we are ready to restart the planned unidirectional flushing activities in the area, we will update the flushing schedule. NOTICE – OCWA is continuing to conduct unidirectional flushing in the Fayetteville area throughout this fall.  The planned flushing [...]

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OCWA Replaces Water Main on Route 5 in Canastota

OCWA is in the process of replacing approximately 11,000 feet of 12 inch water main along the Route 5 corridor in the Village of Canastota/Town of Lenox. The current water main has had numerous breaks due in part to its location within the driving lane of Route 5.  Water main breaks cause damage to this [...]

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Flushing Notice – Fayetteville Area

Flushing Notice – Fayetteville Area NOTICE – OCWA is conducting water main flushing in the Fayetteville area. The flushing will be conducted Sunday nights through Friday mornings, during the overnight hours of 10:30 PM to 6:00 AM. Please see our Flushing Zone Street Listing to determine which flushing zone (1, 2, 3, or 4) your [...]

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