OCWA Expanding Its GIS Capabilities

GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, are used daily by people across almost every industry. Whether it involves obtaining driving directions or doing an internet search for nearby restaurants, GIS queries data associated with geographic locations within a user-defined radius to make information more accessible and practical. Recently, OCWA expanded its GIS capabilities by hiring a [...]

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How OCWA Supports Fire Protection – Part 3

In parts 1 and 2 of our series about how OCWA helps protect Central New York residents from fires, we discussed our ongoing communication and coordination with local fire departments, as well as our proactive program of inspecting and maintaining the 14,000+ fire hydrants in our five-county service territory.  As the conclusion of our series, [...]

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OCWA Supports Fire Protection – Part 2

Next in our series of articles about how OCWA helps protect Central New York residents from fire is a summary of our Hydrant Inspection Program. Did you know that OCWA has over 14,000 fire hydrants in our five-county service territory?   As a public water system, we are responsible for maintaining and collecting information on all [...]

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How OCWA Supports Fire Protection – Part 1

Water is a vital component of our daily lives – we consume it every day, but we also need it for our safety during emergencies such as fires. To illustrate how OCWA helps protect people against fire emergencies, we are happy to bring you a three-part series that covers: 1) how we communicate with local [...]

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OCWA Meter Readers Work Through It All

By Alan Lorenzo Contreras One of the most visible and important groups of employees at OCWA is our dedicated Meter Reading staff. Every weekday this seven-person crew fans out across OCWA’s five-county service territory to ensure that our customers' water meters are read timely and with a high level of accuracy. The Meter Reading staff [...]

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OCWA’s Will Bianchini Talks Drones To Overflow Crowd

Will Bianchini, a systems analyst and licensed drone operator with OCWA--Central New York’s Water Authority, recently presented to a standing room only meeting of the American Public Works Association's Central Branch chapter about OCWA's success in integrating its Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) program with its Geographic Information System (GIS) capabilities to modernize public utility operations.   [...]

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OCWA to Invest $13 million in Capital Improvements in 2018

Over the past decade, OCWA has re-invested over $132 million in its five-county water system on strategic capital improvement projects.  The projects have helped reduce water leakage, improve system efficiency and prevent costly disruptions in service for our 500,000+ consumers. This proactive initiative continues in 2018, as OCWA plans to spend at least $13 million [...]

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OCWA Introduces Bill Pay Kiosk

With the New Year comes a new way to pay your OCWA bill.  If you happen to visit OCWA’s headquarters at 200 Northern Concourse in the Town of Salina, you can now pay your bill using the automated kiosk in our lobby. Customers can still pay with cash or check working directly with one of [...]

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Preventing Frozen Pipes

With forecasted record cold temperatures coming to Central New York, OCWA—Central New York’s Water Authority—is urging residents to take precautions to protect their outside water services and home plumbing fixtures from freezing. Water lines can freeze solid preventing the flow of water and may also break during extended periods of subfreezing temperatures, resulting in water [...]

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OCWA Finishes Work on New Meter Testing Facility

OCWA recently completed work on a new state-of-the-art meter testing facility at its corporate headquarters in Salina. The new facility includes equipment to test residential, commercial and industrial meters in a safe and secure environment. It replaces an outdated facility which utilized testing equipment dating back to the 1960s, and lacked the capacity to deal [...]

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