New BFP Test Report Submission Process

(Effective August 1st, 2020)

OCWA’s BFP Program has implemented a new BFP assembly test submission process.   Starting August 1st, 2020 all initial and annual test reports must be submitted through the VEPO CrossConnex, mobile application.  The app is free to download from the Apple App Store or Google Play, and can also be accessed on computers at  

Certified testers must register with VEPO CrossConnex at  prior to submitting their first test. 


A Cross Connection Control Program assists in maintaining good quality drinking water. Backflow Prevention devices are an important component of OCWA’s Cross Connection Control Program. Following are links to the Backflow Prevention Device Application Documents that should be submitted to OCWA. If you are uncertain as to whether you should complete and submit these documents, please contact OCWA Engineering at 315-455-7061 x 3104 or email

OCWA will NOT begin construction of your water service until Department of Health approval of backflow plan is received. Please allow 4 to 6 weeks for the review process.

OCWA’s Back Flow Prevention (BFP) device design approval is a THREE-STEP process:

First Step – Initial Review: Submit your application documents to OCWA Engineering as a PDF(s) via email to Please complete and include the OCWA checklist to assure that you have fulfilled all of the requirements. For the initial review you do not need to have the owner or design professional sign or stamp the submittals. Someone from the Engineering Department will review them and be in contact with any questions, issues or changes needed.

When preparing the submittal, your design professional should follow the guidance outlined in the NYSDOH guidelines on Cross Connection Control, including all of the drawing specifications (link below).

Email the BFP Design Application submittal documents to –Please include the property address in the subject line

A) OCWA Checklist
B) Application (DOH Form 347 – Application for Approval of Backflow Prevention Devices)
C) Site Plan and Location Plan
D) Plumbing Floor Plan
E) BFP Elevation Plan and Plan View Details
F) OCWA Engineering Report Form – Include any additional narrative to broaden the understanding of the proposed project or to clarify points noted in the form;
G) Manufacturer’s data sheets for BFP device(s) with FCCCHR of USC noted on the sheets
H) Manufacturer’s data sheets for “hot box”, if applicable.
I) Approval by Onondaga County Plumbing Control for RPZ drainage, if applicable.

If your property is within Onondaga County then please review the Onondaga County Health Department Cross Connection Control Plan Submittal Instructions.

Second Step – Final Review: Once the submittals are found approvable by OCWA, we will ask you to send us four (4) hard copies of all submittals (with any final revisions necessary). The final submittals need to have all the required signatures, dates, and P.E./R.A. stamps. Once we receive the final hard copies we will complete our final review, sign our portion of the DOH 347 form, and forward all four (4) copies of the submittals to the County Health Department for their review and final approval. They will in turn contact you with any issues and/or send you back a DOH stamped approved copy for your records.

Third Step – Certification of Installation: Please note the required initial and annual testing report form (DOH 1013) must be fully completed after installation of the device. After initial installation of the device, the owner’s design professional must complete the DOH 1013 form (Parts A & B) certifying that the device was installed per the approved BFP plans. Submit this initial test report to OCWA (within 45 days of installation) and to the appropriate County Department of Health.

Additionally, the BFP device(s) is required to be tested annually by a NYSDOH-certified tester and copies of the test report(s) shall be submitted to OCWA and the County Department of Health (only Part A needs to be completed annually).

To use the forms 1 through 3 below – download or save to a locatable folder on your device. Then complete and send them to OCWA via email to the attachments. Utilize the links to assist with information requited for the completed submittal.


  1. Checklist
  2. DOH347-OCWA
  4. Engineers Report Form
  5. DOH1013-OCWA – Parts A&B to be completed after installation
  6. DOH1013-OCWA_FILLABLE – Parts A&B to be completed after installation


  1. OCWA Policy for Annual Backflow Test Reports
  2. Guidelines for Designing Backflow Prevention Assembly Installations
  3. Onondaga County Health Dept . Cross Connection Control Plan Submittal Approval Process: OCDH BFP submittal process
  4. For a list of approved devices, visit the Foundation for Cross Connection Control and Hydraulics Research (FCCCHR) of USC website:
  5. Information on Typical Hazard Assessment Decision Process: Typical Hazard Assessment
  6. For further information on Cross Connection Control and Backflow Prevention visit the EPA’s website: