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OCWA Freshens Its Look

OCWA--Central New York's Water Authority--has recently embarked on a proactive maintenance initiative to perform exterior cleaning of nine water storage tanks. Recent inspections identified the need for  intermediate cleaning to address foreign debris and to allow for further inspection of the tanks. The cleaning is being performed on the following storage tanks: 1) Old Westvale; [...]

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Onondaga County Residents Encouraged to Complete Hazard Survey

The Onondaga County Hazard Mitigation Plan Steering Committee—along with the support of regional agencies and stakeholders like OCWA—has recently been formed to address disasters that may occur in Onondaga County and to develop strategies to mitigate against losses. To identify and plan for future disasters, this community planning committee needs input from the citizens of [...]

2018-09-20T12:21:18+00:00September 20th, 2018|

Allen Road Project, Town of Clay

OCWA has completed its portion of the Onondaga County Department of Transportation Allen Road Rehabilitation Project (PIN: 375461). For its portion of the project, OCWA up sized the existing water main from 6” cast iron pipe to 8” ductile iron cement lined pipe (DICL). After the new 8” DICL main was installed, all services were [...]

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Bernhards Bay Water District Update 9-13-18

We are sure you have noticed construction in the majority of the Bernhard’s Bay Water District, Town of Constantia.  NO NEW STREETS have been accepted/approved since our initial acceptance of some services on four streets (as shown on the attachment to this notice – BERNHARD’S BAY WATER DISTRICT INFO – 9/13/18).  Progress is being made in [...]

2018-10-04T09:21:19+00:00September 12th, 2018|

OCWA Completes Rehab of Pompey Water Tank

OCWA recently completed a complete rehabilitation of the 150,000 gallon elevated water storage tank located in the Pompey Pines neighborhood of the Town of Pompey.  The tank is located off Pompey Center Road near the intersection of Indian Hill Road, and was built in 2005. Recent inspection of the tank identified accelerated corrosion and a [...]

2018-09-12T11:12:29+00:00September 12th, 2018|

Flushing Notice – Fayetteville Area

NOTICE - OCWA is conducting water main flushing in the Fayetteville area. The flushing will be conducted Sunday nights through Friday mornings, during the overnight hours of 10:30 PM to 6:00 AM. Please see our Flushing Zone Street Listing to determine which flushing zone (1, 2, 3, or 4) your street is a part of. To date the [...]

2018-10-16T10:44:48+00:00September 6th, 2018|

Water main flushing in Camillus completed

To OCWA customers living in the Richlee Drive area of the Town of Camillus:  Please be advised that OCWA night-time flushing of your water mains has been completed.  The purpose of the flushing was to remove sediment and scale that accumulates in all water systems and affects the aesthetic quality of the public water supply. [...]

2018-09-06T08:43:25+00:00September 4th, 2018|

OCWA Stabilizes Transmission Main

OCWA has several raw water and finished water transmission mains that extend from Otisco Lake into Marcellus and from Marcellus into Camillus and Fairmount respectively. For a large majority of their length these mains run along Nine Mile Creek and the railroad lines that parallel same. At one location in Camillus a section of finished [...]

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Bernhards Bay Water District Update 8-23-18

While no new streets in the Bernhards Bay Water District, Town of Constantia have been connected to the OCWA water system since our last update on June 14 (Bernhard’s Bay Water District Info - 6/14/18),  progress is being made in obtaining the necessary regulatory approvals and OCWA expects multiple streets to come online in the near [...]

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OCWA Wins Multiple Safe Water Awards

OCWA's Otisco Lake Water Treatment Plant and Lake Ontario Water Treatment Plant recently both received the prestigious 2018 Partnership for Safe Water's Directors Award in recognition of their high level of performance and safety.  Significantly, 2018 was the 20th year in a row that the Otisco WTP recieved the award, and the 3rd consecutive year for the [...]

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