OCWA — Central New York’s Water Authority — has completed the first phase of the 2023 Cleaning and Lining water main project in neighborhoods near Kimberly Drive East in the
Town of Geddes.  OCWA is undertaking this project to rehabilitate the existing cast iron water main, which has caused discolored water issues due to corrosion. The
existing cast iron water main will be isolated and taken out of service during the cleaning and lining process.  Phase I for the cleaning and lining consisted of all lines on Kimberly Drive E, Sprucetree Lane, Granger Road, and Limestone Lane from Kimberly Drive E. to Granger Road.

temp bypass cl (003)

Phase One photo (bypass)

Cleaning and lining projects generally take 4-6 months to complete. Below are the typical steps involved in the process:
– Temporary water service piping installed, disinfected and tested.
– Upon Department of Health approval, residences will be connected to the temporary water system.
– The existing water main will be isolated and drained of water.  Access holes will be installed every 300-600 feet to facilitate the cleaning and lining.
– Once the lining is completed and the pipe has been disinfected, tested and approved by the Department of Health, service will be switched back over to the newly cleaned main.
– OCWA would also request any water softener systems to be switched to bypass setting while customers are connected to the temporary bypass piping.

Upon completion of this project, all lawns and driveways that have been disturbed will be restored to their former condition. OCWA has taken preconstruction photos and video of the area to ensure the restoration will be completed properly.