The American Public Works Association held an awards ceremony on 2/15/2023.

OCWA is pleased to announce that Otisco Water Treatment Plant Manager Peter J. Murphy has been named Professional Manager of the Year for 2022, by the American Public Works Association.

Murphy began his career with the Onondaga County Water Authority 38 years ago as a seasonal aide, moving up over his tenure to the position of Chief Operator, and now, Plant Manager. Alongside his normal duties or overseeing and evaluating water treatment plant operations, Murphy has led the efforts for source water protection through OCWA’s Watershed Inspection Program. He also has served as a mentor for the rest of the staff and the seasonal aides at the water treatment plant.

When OCWA joined the AWWA Partnership for Safe Water Program in March 1995, Murphy became instrumental in the plant complying with the EPA-AWWA Partnership for Safe Water guidelines, which has resulted in the Otisco WTP receiving the Partnership for Safe Water Award 25 years in a row.

Peter Murphy is an outstanding manager, dedicated to operating an award-winning, high-quality water treatment plant, as well as improving the water quality for Central New York customers and promoting public works and the water industry in general. At the awards ceremony, OCWA also was recognized by the American Public Water Association for the In Situ Watermain Rehabilitation Project – Split Rock and Onondaga Roads.

Awards ceremony

OCWA employees pictured (left to right) are Andrew Weiss, Deb Owens, Pete Murphy, Megan Thomas, Curt Marvin, and Jeff Brown.