This week, on September 18th, was World Water Monitoring Day. A day where we acknowledge the importance of our natural water sources and take the necessary steps to protect them for generations to come. The World Water Monitoring Day was first brought into existence in 2003 by America’s Clean Water Foundation (ACWF). The organization aimed to raise awareness among civilians about the importance of regularly monitoring their water sources.

Here at OCWA there are so many ways that we monitor and protect these precious resources:

-We are constantly measuring lake levels and keeping records ( Otisco Lake Water Levels – OCWA, Lake Ontario Water Levels – OCWA)

-We work with residents who live on and around the lake, as well as the farmers in the area (Otisco Lake Watershed Survey – OCWA)

Here is a link to a previous story explaining the process: Otisco Lake Watershed Inspections – OCWA

-We closely monitor Lake Ontario and Otisco Lake for Algae blooms throughout the year (Algae Monitoring Program – OCWA)

-OCWA also produces an Annual Water Quality Report to show the public all of our monitoring (2021 Annual Water Quality Report – OCWA)