Since the groundbreaking in April of this year, the Contractor at our Fairmount Reservoir facility has been making great progress. The first of two new concrete water storage tanks is ready to receive concrete for the foundation and floor. The Contractor has scheduled this activity to occur on Saturday June 26th. The pouring of the large floor will require a continuous supply of material via concrete trucks. We estimate over 80 trucks will be necessary to completely fill the area.  As a result, starting early Saturday, there will be significant activity at the site and there is potential for some traffic on Hinsdale Road as the trucks enter and exit the facility during the day. The Contractor will do everything they can to keep the trucks moving, but residents should anticipate a higher-than-average amount of traffic on the 26th. We expect the work to be complete in one day. We thank you for your patience while we complete a critical milestone of the project’s construction.

East Tank Floor Preparation – In Progress

Questions or concerns on this project can be addressed to OCWA contact Deb Owens at 315-455-7061 x 3131, or