OCWA—Central New York’s Water Authority—recently welcomed the first group of what will eventually total 16 seasonal aides/interns working for the Authority this summer.  The Authority has had a long-standing history of hiring college students during the summer to assist with a variety of important tasks.  These aides not only serve as a critical seasonal work force, but a number have eventually become full-time employees for OCWA.

OCWA summer employees participate in “safety rodeo” put on by the OCWA Director of Safety

The aides perform a variety of routine manual, clerical or recreational work in the various departments of OCWA that assist in the normal functioning of business. This allows for meaningful employment for students and youth and for a smooth flow of Authority operations.  Aides work in such diverse settings as the Distribution Maintenance Department, Lake Ontario Water Treatment Plant, Engineering Department, and Otisco Lake watershed.

Typical work activities include:

Conducting watershed surveys of all residents living along Otisco Lake.

Inspecting and painting fire hydrants throughout OCWA’s five-county service territory.

Mowing grass and performing routine building & grounds maintenance functions.

Assisting the engineering and water treatment plants in performance of their functions.

Clerical work and assistance in the meter repair department, business office and storeroom

OCWA looks for the following personal characteristics in our seasonal aides:

Ability to work with fellow employees.

Ability to deal in a courteous manner with the general public.


Physical condition commensurate with the demands of the position.

As part of their new employee orientation, the summer aides participated in a “safety rodeo” to learn defensive driving techniques and other important safety precautions.