As part of OCWA’s monthly series highlighting some of our dedicated employees and the important jobs they perform, this month we’re featuring Amy A. from our Administration Department.  Each month we’re asking a different employee a series of ten questions about his/her background, what he/she does at OCWA and some of the employee’s most interesting work experiences.

1.  What is your current position at OCWA?

Executive Assistant to the Administration staff.

2.  What other jobs have you held, both OCWA and non-OCWA positions?

I worked in the restaurant industry for many years, owned a paper company and was a secretary for Onondaga County’s Metropolitan Water Board (MWB) prior to its consolidation with OCWA. I also worked in (and continue to support) the OCWA Engineering Department.

3.  When did you join OCWA, and what brought you here?

2017 as part of the merger with MWB.

4.  What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Assisting customers who are trying to get connected to OCWA’s water system. Clerical work such as drafting letters, contracts and permits.  Working with property owners along Otisco Lake and other locations to purchase surplus OCWA property.  Processing, storing and retrieving documents as part of OCWA’s records management program.  Drafting and uploading documents/stories to OCWA’s web site, along with updating the site.

5.  What is the most rewarding part of your job?

I like working with all the different departments and learning about all parts of the company.

6.  What has been your favorite project at OCWA?  

No one project stands out. I enjoy keeping busy and feeling useful.

7.  Before working at OCWA, what was the most interesting/unusual job you’ve ever had?

I owned a paper redistribution company that sold paper products to offices, bars & restaurants in my hometown. We operated out of a five-story warehouse with a party store open to the public.  A lot of friends & family came to visit.  We turned the breakroom into a room for my daughter so she could spend the summer days with me.  She spent them roller skating along the main floor.

8.  What three words best describe you?

Resourceful, Motivated, Mom

9.  What is your educational background?

I was a junior in college majoring in accounting when I took over the paper company.

10.  Why did you select the career you are in?

A friend suggested applying for the secretary position at the MWB water treatment plant in Oswego and the rest is history…