As part of OCWA’s monthly series highlighting some of our dedicated employees and the important jobs they perform, this month we’re featuring Matt C. from our Distribution Operations Department.  Each month we’re asking a different employee a series of ten questions about his/her background, what he/she does at OCWA and some of the employee’s most interesting work experiences.

1.  What is your current position at OCWA?

Pump Maintenance Crew Leader

2.  What other jobs have you held, both OCWA and non-OCWA position?

I started at OCWA as a shift operator. Prior to OCWA, I worked for the Onondaga County Highway Department as a snowplow driver in the winter and a paver operator in the summer. I joined the Air Force in 1995 and was stationed at Andrews Air Force Base, Maryland (home of Air Force One). I started as an equipment operator, became a dispatcher for transporting the aircrew, and finally finished my enlistment being a Distinguished Visitor Transporter.

3.  When did you join OCWA, and what brought you here?

I started in 2002. I wanted to expand my work experience.

4.  What does a typical day at work look like for you?

Typically, there is no typical day. Generally, however, my duties always include: scheduling work for the crew; maintaining chlorine injection and monitoring equipment; flushing the distribution system where it is needed; ordering chlorine and supplies needed to maintain the equipment; and logging/tracking all work completed. Additionally, some other duties that occur periodically are climbing tanks, cleaning tanks, participating in tank and main shutdowns, and scheduling repairs for standby generators.

5.  What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Knowing that I play a part in providing plenty of safe water at the right pressures to our customers.

6.  What has been your favorite project at OCWA?

One of my favorite projects was installing continuous chlorine residual monitoring equipment at our remote chlorine injection sites. It allowed all the residuals to be viewed and adjusted centrally at OCWA Headquarters.

7.  Before working at OCWA, what was the most interesting/unusual job you’ve ever had?

While I was stationed at Andrews Air Force and serving as a Distinguished Visitor Transporter, I was able to experience a lot of things that most people will never have the opportunity to.

8.  What three words best describe you?

Determined – Bold – Honest

9.  What is your educational background?

I completed one year of college at Keene State, NH.  I then joined the Air Force and did 3.5 years of courses in the Community College of the Air Force for logistical planning, leadership, and management.

10.  Why did you select the career you are in?

It was a job that turned into a career that I enjoy doing.