This is the fourth in a series of five articles explaining how OCWA–Central New York’s Water Authority–plans for, constructs and integrates water main improvement projects into our five-county service territory.  Today’s article illustrates what homeowners and businesses can expect to see during construction, including a sample notice that OCWA will provide to all impacted customers advising when their water is expected to be shut off, as well as photographs of the types of activities you may see in the construction zone.

Notice provided to customers whose water service will be temporarily shut off listing expected duration of shut off

Pavement saw cut with loader

Pipe being “strung” (or laid out along the route) for the day

New main installed in trench

New main installed under existing utilities

Copper tubing coming vertically out of trench used as temporary injection point for disinfectant, after which water is tested and sampled

Large pit into which boring equipment is dropped for boring underneath roadway

Boring under railroad

Roadside trench filled with top layer of soil at end of the day

Tench in roadway filled with stone and compacted

“Cut and cap” of old main disconnecting it from service

Abandoned water main being removed (only done if necessary)

New water service connection (or “tap”) off water main

New water service being switched over at the “curb box” (location where OCWA’s pipe connects to landowner’s pipe)