The following are the latest updates and projected timelines for completion of water main work along Molloy Road in the Town of Cicero:

  • All new water main lines have been installed
  • All new water main lines have been tested & chlorinated with all bacteriological samples passing. Onondaga County Health Dept approval has been received.
  • All services have been transferred to the new main. If you notice that you have no water, please contact OCWA @ 315-455-7061 ext. 3104 during normal weekday business hours, or 315-455-5342 on nights & weekends.
  • Cuts & caps to abandon the old water main started on 6-22-20 and will continue through the week starting 6/29. Most times a shutdown of the water is required to complete the cut & cap.
  • When a shutdown for the cut and cap is required, we will provide customers 24 hour notice and an estimated time frame for how long your water will be off.  The cuts and caps are all different and usually take 1-4 hours to complete, barring any emergencies.
  • Construction activities will be dynamic as we move from street to street abandoning the old main. The need for one-way flagging operations, lane/shoulder closures, and brief detours may be required.
  • Cleanup of yards and paving should start after cuts and caps are completed.

Both D.E. Tarolli and OCWA would like to thank impacted residents for their patience during the construction phase. Please direct any questions to