Stay alert for official OCWA employees

Stay alert for official OCWA employees

How can customers be sure they are dealing with official OCWA employees when someone visits your home or business to change a water meter, fix a leak or address some other water-related issue?  There are three easy steps you can take to ensure the identify of legitimate OCWA employees:

First, understand exactly why the individual is at your home or business.  OCWA employees NO LONGER collect any money at your door, NEVER ask to read a water meter inside your home/business, and NEVER ask to enter your home for any reason without first having scheduled an appointment with you for a specific date and time.  If your residence does require a water meter change-out or repair, you will be notified of such via a tag left on your door.  Only after you schedule an appointment with our business office (315-455-7061 ext. 3335) will an OCWA employee come to your door.

Second, all OCWA employees carry an identification badge issued by the Authority which is available at all times and must be presented upon demand.  The identification badge includes the OCWA logo, a picture of the employee and their employee number on the front.  All identification badges are signed by the employee and the Executive Director of the Authority and contain OCWA’s address and phone number.  If you have questions about identification badges, please call our customer service department at 315-455-7061 ext. 3335.

Third, all OCWA personnel will arrive at your home or business in a distinctive Authority owned vehicle that clearly displays the OCWA logo on the doors of the vehicle.  The vehicle number will be clearly displayed in large, blue numbering on the front and back bumpers of the vehicle.

If you still have doubts about the identity of the individual at your door you can ask the person to wait outside while you contact us at 315-455-7061, extension 3335 to confirm the person’s name and description.

Most importantly, if you’re still uncomfortable you can always refuse access.  In such cases our staff has been instructed to politely back off when challenged and they will not enter your home or business without your consent.

Finally, if you have concerns that the individual attempting to gain access to your home is not an official OCWA employee, please secure your door and contact your local law enforcement agency immediately.

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