Town of Lenox West-Central Water District Takeover

The cooperative project between the Town of Lenox, their contractor and the Onondaga County Water Authority will be coming online soon.

Please carefully check the list below for the status of your address:

  • If you find your address range shows “YES”, and
  • Your plumbing is ready, and
  • The Town’s Code Enforcement Officer has inspected and approved your plumbing, and
  • Your plumbing is ready for meter installation and service activation.

Please call our Customer Service Department at 315-455-7061, ext. 3335, to schedule an appointment for meter installation.

If your address status is still “NO”, at this point, do NOT allow your contractor to disconnect your well connection. Water CAN NOT be taken from the newly installed water mains at this time.

Please check back here to see when you can call OCWA’s Customer Service Department to schedule your water meter installation appointment.

The water district streets are listed below, when the system is approved by the Madison County Health Department and accepted by OCWA, your street’s status will change from “NO” to “YES”.


STREET NAME DATE ACCEPTED           BY OCWA    OK to request       meter installation
BeeBe Bridge Road NOT YET
Morris Road NOT YET
New Boston Road NOT YET
North Main Street NOT YET
Old Route 31 NOT YET
Perretta Road NOT YET
Pine Ridge Road NOT YET
State Route 13 NOT YET
Stephens Road NOT YET
Waterbury Road NOT YET

Please check back here regularly for updates.  When sections are accepted, you can call our Customer Service Department at 315-455-7061 ext. 3335, to schedule an appointment for our Meter Installation Department to install your meter and turn on your water.

Thank you for your patience in this process.