The Northeast Region of the United States relies on the regular service of water! Big cities in the region supply billions of gallons of water and it’s important to keep the water clean and safe or the American people!

OCWA – Central New York’s Water Authority – wants to remind our customers of water’s importance by highlighting the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Value of Water Campaign.

This is the seventh installment in an eight-week series using informative infographics to discuss the value of water.

  • Week 1: Quality of Life
  • Week 2: Health
  • Week 3: Environment
  • Week 4: Economy
  • Week 5: Going Green, Saves Green
  • Week 6: The United State(s) of Water
  • Week 7: Northeast Region
  • Week 8: The Cost and Value of Clean

This week’s theme of the value of water is on “The Northeast Region of Water!” The systems are aging, the nation must contribute to build for a better future.  Join OCWA and the Northeast in being part of the solution for easily accessible water!