This is the third in a series of monthly articles by OCWA–Central New York’s Water Authority–highlighting some of our dedicated employees and the important jobs they perform on behalf of the over 500,000 people the Authority serves throughout Central New York.  Each month we’re asking a different  employee a series of ten questions about his/her background, what he/she does at OCWA and some of the employee’s most interesting work experiences.  October’s spotlight is on Teddy H., who is an assistant water maintenance supervisor in our largest department, the Distribution Department.  He works out of our Fairmount work center:

1. What is your current position at OCWA? 

 I am the Assistant Water Maintenance Supervisor.

2. What other jobs have you held, both OCWA and non-OCWA positions? 

I worked for the engineering and construction services company BAT Con Inc. based in Marcellus doing pipe work.  The company did subcontracting for OCWA.

3. When did you join OCWA, and what brought you here?  

 I started at OCWA in 1996 looking for a more stable job.

4. What does a typical day at work look like for you? 

 I try to make everything easier to work with. I do lots of running around, answering questions, checking on the crews and creating a work schedule for the next day.

5. What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

 I just enjoy getting the work done! Making sure tasks are completed every day.

6. What has been your favorite project at OCWA? 

I don’t necessarily have one favorite project. Instead, my favorite projects involve the everyday work of improving our water system and working with my crews.

7. Before working at OCWA, what was the most interesting/unusual job you’ve ever had?

 The most interesting job I had was installing water mains for BAT Con.

8. What three words best describe you? 

 Happy, relaxed and hardworking.

9. What is your educational background? 

I graduated from Canastota High School.

10. Why did you select the career you are in? 

 I graduated high school and needed a job.  I started pipe work and one thing led to another! This led me to where I am here at OCWA today.