The United States relies on a quality water supply everyday! Access to clean and safe drinking water is crucial to our nation and the American people.

OCWA – Central New York’s Water Authority – wants to remind our customers of water’s importance by highlighting the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and the Value of Water Campaign.

This is the sixth installment in an eight-week series using informative infographics to discuss the value of water.

  • Week 1: Quality of Life
  • Week 2: Health
  • Week 3: Environment
  • Week 4: Economy
  • Week 5: Going Green, Saves Green
  • Week 6: The United State(s) of Water
  • Week 7: Northeast Region
  • Week 8: The Cost and Value of Clean

This week’s theme of the value of water is on “The United State(s) of Water!” Think about our nation as a whole and the daily use of water in people’s lives.  Join OCWA and our nation in valuing the availability of water!