The following are the latest updates and projected timeline for completion of water main work along Route 5 in the Village of Canastota, Town of Lenox:

  • The new water main along Route 5 has been installed.
  • There are 3 more bores that need to be completed for connections across Route 5. We are digging the bore pit @ Forbes Rd. & Route 5 currently. We will be moving east along Route 5 to the two additional intersections (Will New Blvd. and Roselyn Dr.) to finish the bores.
  • After the bores are complete, we will drop back and start connecting individual services, which should begin around early to mid-Feb.
  • Customers will experience a brief water interruption (approximately 30 minutes) as we transfer their service to the new main.
  • Once services are completed, we will again drop back to do cuts & caps (i.e., abandon the existing main).  We should start this around the beginning of March.
  • If any shutdowns for the cuts and caps are required, we will provide customers 24 hour notice and a time frame for how long your water will be off.  The cuts and caps are all different and usually take 1-4 hours to complete, barring any emergencies.
  • Cleanup of yards and paving should start in mid-April, weather permitting, as this is when the paving plants usually open.

If you have any specific questions about this schedule, please feel free to email Steve Drake at

as of 1/14/19