Over the past decade, OCWA has re-invested over $132 million in its five-county water system on strategic capital improvement projects.  The projects have helped reduce water leakage, improve system efficiency and prevent costly disruptions in service for our 500,000+ consumers.

This proactive initiative continues in 2018, as OCWA plans to spend at least $13 million in system betterment work.  The projects are broken down generally as follows:

Tanks/pumping stations ($3.4 million) – replace the Oakridge water tank in Camillus with a new elevated 500,000 gallon composite tank with a projected useful life of 75+ years; paint and repair multiple water tanks, including the Pompey Pines tank

Sources of supply/water treatment plants ($2.8 million) – complete stream bank stabilization of OCWA’s main transmission line along Nine Mile Creek; upgrade the fluoride treatment system at our Lake Ontario water treatment plant (WTP); convert the chlorination systems at Eastern and Western reservoirs from temporary to permanent, fully automated systems; conduct a pilot study and basis of design for our upcoming $50 million upgrade of the Lake Ontario WTP


Water main replacement ($2.5 million) – replace approximately 25,000 feet of deteriorated water mains which helps prevent disruptive and costly breaks

Vehicles and equipment ($1.7 million) – replace multiple rusting light vehicles with more fuel efficient versions; purchase a new dump truck, two (2) back hoes and multiple crew trucks

Hydrant and valve replacements ($1.4 million) – paint 4,000 fire hydrants, replace or repair 250+ hydrants and replace or repair 250+ valves; replace the meter pit at Alverna Heights

Meter repair and replacement ($1 million) – replace water meters which have reached the end of their useful life and increase the number of meters which can be read electronically vs. manually via door-to-door meter reads