OCWA recently completed work on a new state-of-the-art meter testing facility at its corporate headquarters in Salina. The new facility includes equipment to test residential, commercial and industrial meters in a safe and secure environment. It replaces an outdated facility which utilized testing equipment dating back to the 1960s, and lacked the capacity to deal with more current meter technology.

The new facility will provide numerous benefits to OCWA employees and our customers, including:

Safer work environment – the new facility includes the following improved safety measures:
• new flooring
• better drainage (standing water will be eliminated)
• safer wiring with GFCI circuit breakers
• less noise
• automated lift to help prevent back injuries, and
• automatic safety shut-offs.

Improved operational efficiencies – OCWA employees will no longer be forced to go outside to test certain of our larger meters.  All size meters can be tested simultaneously in one location.  Also, multiple meters can now be tested at once as opposed to one at one time.  Finally, the new equipment is fully computerized with the latest diagnostic software.

Friendlier environmental footprint – the new facility includes a large water holding tank to permit recycled water to be used to test the meters, saving on water usage.

Improved testing accuracy – the new facility will allow for more accurate testing due to the improved ability to accurately calibrate the equipment.