In response to several inquiries, OCWA is providing the following updates to our customers regarding the Skaneateles Lake algae issue.


Click this link to view a map showing the sources of supply for OCWA’s five-county water system. The following is a list of the specific streets in the Town of DeWitt, Town of Lafayette, Town of Onondaga and City of Syracuse where OCWA customers receive water from Skaneateles Lake:

Town of DeWitt Town of Onondaga Town of Onondaga
Bamerick Road Bailey Drive Midland Avenue
Barker Hill Road Beadle Drive Moonglow Drive
Beadle Drive Bernard Place Mystic Drive
Beaver Run Brae Burn Lane Nobleton Circle
Bessbrook Drive Brookside Drive Odell Place
Carriage Circle Cedric Avenue Old Kennedy Road
Clark Reservation State Park Clifford Drive Orchard Avenue
Clifford Drive Coldbrook Drive Overlook Drive
Derringer Drive Dave Tilden Road Parapet Dr
East Seneca Turnpike Derek Avenue Parapet Lane
Jutland Drive Dutton Avenue Pembrook Drive
Ledgewood Drive East Conklin Avenue Providence Road
Lone Wolf Drive East Roswell Avenue Randall Avenue
Park Road East Seneca Turnpike Reinman Road
Rock Cut Road Eclipse Drive Reliant Road
Rush Creek Road Edward Parkway Riverside Drive
Sewickley Drive Elton Avenue Rock Cut Road
Single Tree Drive Everingham Court Rockwell Lane
Singletree Lane Everingham Road Rockwell Road
Southwood Park Drive Farm Road Rosemary Lane
Thunderhead Lane Glenfield Drive Ruhamah Avenue
Transmission Line Road Grace Place Sentinel Heights Road
Walkerton Drive Graham Road Smith Avenue
Hoover Drive South Salina Street
Hudson Avenue Southland Drive
Town of Lafayette Ida Avenue Southwood Heights Drive
Apulia Road Independence Drive Southwood Park Drive
Bamerick Road Inez Avenue Stonefield Road
Cook Farm Road Invincible Drive Thompson Road
Coye Road Kennedy Road Wendell Avenue
Gordon Cooper Drive Kenneth Avenue West Conklin Avenue
Hedgerow Lane Kenyon Drive West Roswell Avenue
Jeremy Lane Knox Lane Wilcox Place
Lafayette Road Lafayette Road Worden Avenue
Limekiln Road Laursen Drive
Ochsner Road Leonard Avenue
Palladino Road Lindbergh Road City of Syracuse
Roberts Drive Macon Street Dorwin Avenue
Smokey Hollow Road Martha Drive East Seneca Turnpike
Timothy Drive Mary Lane Ida Avenue
Westshore Manor Road McDonald Road Lafayette Road
Mcfern Road Rock Cut Road
Mercedes Lane South Salina Street
Mercun Drive
Meredith Avenue

Customers in these areas are advised to closely follow reports issued by Onondaga County, the City of Syracuse and/or the New York State Health Department regarding the health impacts associated with the algal blooms on Skaneateles Lake.


All other OCWA customers are supplied with water from either Otisco Lake or Lake Ontario. Both sources have been regularly tested for harmful algae (or microcystins) by OCWA and no health guideline exceedances have been detected to date.  Further, our treatment facilities at both sources have granular activated carbon treatment systems in place to treat for the microcystins if they should develop.


If OCWA customers have any questions, they should contact our customer service department at 315-455-7061 extension 3335.