Today OCWA—Central New York’s Water Authority—launched a completely updated website at  The website includes the following new features:

Water Alerts – the home page now conveniently lists all existing water outages or other system delivery issues throughout OCWA’s five-county service territory, including a map showing each specific location and the time that service is expected to be restored.  The alerts remain active on the website for 24 hours past the anticipated resolution time.

Water Education Program – a new Education dropdown menu includes a comprehensive Water Education Program for kids and teachers alike.  It includes fun, interactive and educational videos, games, activities and even a quiz.  The topics include the Water Cycle, Drinking Water Use & Treatment, and Water Conservation.

Systemwide Alert Bar – a new prominent red alert bar will now appear on the OCWA web site whenever there is a systemwide issue which customers need to know about.  It will provide important information about how to respond to whatever is happening.

How to Contact OCWA – all relevant contact information for OCWA has been moved front and center onto the updated site’s home page.  Find out how to telephone, email, mail or visit OCWA in one convenient location.

New Home Page Sliders – the updated site includes new home page sliders which allow users to quickly access important information about OCWA, such as reviewing our 2016 Annual Report, learning more about our Check Your Pipes campaign and accessing our latest water quality report.

In addition to these new features, OCWA’s updated website continues to include the following other important features:

View/Pay Your Bill Online – customers continue to have the option of viewing and paying their bill online by clicking on the link at the top left of the updated home page.

Frequently Asked Questions – the site includes answers to 25+ of the most frequently asked questions about how to pay your bill and how to address various customer service-related issues.

Water Quality continues to include extensive information about our water quality program, including our algae monitoring program, facts about lead and pharmaceuticals in water, and copies of our five most recent annual water quality reports.

OCWA Customer Rules – visitors can continue to view a complete set of the customer rules which govern OCWA’s water system.

System Improvement Projects – you can see a list of all our active construction projects, including up-to-date photos and project summaries.

Recent News – the home page continues to include a list of recent articles about the OCWA system, our employees and important issues impacting your water supply.

We encourage everyone to visit to check out our updated site for yourself!