By: Gillian Sloan

In an effort to ensure that our customers only deal with official OCWA personnel, we are providing the following tips to assist you in identifying an OCWA employee that may be in your area:

Ways of Identifying OWCA Employees:

OCWA personnel will arrive at your home or business in a distinctive Authority owned vehicle that clearly displays the OCWA logo on the doors of the vehicle (See picture below). All employees are required to drive OCWA owned vehicles when visiting customer properties.


Employees are also required to wear OCWA labeled clothing and/or OCWA labeled vests. In the event that an employee is seen not wearing an OCWA shirt or vest, please ask to see their identification card.

OCWA employees carry a photo identification card issued by the OCWA and they have been instructed to have it available at all times which will be presented upon demand. The identification card includes the OCWA logo, a picture of the employee and their employee number on the front.  All identification cards are signed by the employee and the Executive Director of the Authority and contain OCWA’s address and phone number.

Unless advanced notice of home visit is given, OCWA personnel will not request access inside your home or business.

When in doubt:  If you are still unsure as to whether or not an individual on your property is an OCWA employee, please secure your door and contact us immediately at 315-455-7061, extension 3335, or contact your local law enforcement agency.


OCWA, Central New York’s Water Authority was established by act of the New York State Legislature in 1951 and currently serves 500,000 residents in Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Cayuga, and Oneida counties.  The Authority is one of the 100 largest water systems in the country, operating two water treatment facilities, over 2,200 miles of water main, 58 storage facilities, 46 pump stations, and 13,134 hydrants.