If you haven’t gotten it already you probably will soon receive a letter from OCWA.

It’s no scam.  The agency has partnered with a company called HomeServe which offers an insurance like program for the water pipes on your property.

OCWA is not responsible once the water service lines hit your property, you are responsible at that point for any problems with leaks or breaks.

That’s where HomeServe comes in with its exterior water service line coverage program.

For $4.49 a month you get an unlimited number of calls a year with 24 hour 7 day a week service.

Jeff Brown, Public Affairs Officer for OCWA, says, “The first thing you should check is whether your homeowners insurance covers it.  A lot of people are surprised that their typical homeowners insurance policy does not cover this type of situation.  They could be out thousands of dollars if they have a break.”

Brown says in no way is OCWA endorsing this service but does want to offer something like this to OCWA customers.

They considered several companies before settling on HomeServe.

IF you do sign up for HomeServe there is no contract so you could get out of it whenever you want.

“How often it happens it’s hard to tell but I would say that one of the things we have noticed is that we are losing a fair amount of water to leaks on these home service lines.” Brown tells NewsChannel 9.

The basic service also includes frozen service line protection.

Whether your pipes break because of the frigid weather or you just need them thawed out you would be covered.

If you have any questions or want to sign up HomeServe has created a toll free number only for OCWA customers.  844-613-7701.

OCWA has made sure you won’t get any phone calls about the protection plan and if you want to be off the mailing list you can also call that toll free number.
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