On Thursday November 6, 2014 the Onondaga County Water Authority, Metropolitan Water Board and the City of Syracuse will be conducting a joint test of the facilities that provide an interconnection between the three water systems.  The facilities are being tested in preparation of construction work on the water system that is planned for early 2015.  The construction work is being completed to facilitate work on the NYS Thruway entrance ramps planned for 2015 as well.  The facilities being tested serve water to customers in Salina, Mattydale, and North Syracuse.  During the test, water service will be supplied from backup connections and pump stations.  This being the case, water will be flowing in different directions and different rates than normal in these service areas.  This could potentially cause watermain breaks or customers to experience dirty water.  If dirty water is experienced please call our office at 315-455-7061 and run your cold water tap until the water clears.