As you are aware, clean water is essential to life. However, clean water is often taken for granted and its true value not recognized. Last year, a group of water professionals gathered to develop and distribute a simple brochure to help consumers be more aware of the importance of clean water in their lives and the broad range of fulfilling careers associated with the water industry. The group, known as the Water and Wastewater Education and Outreach Committee (WWEOC), represents State and local government agencies, the Environmental Protection Agency, professional associations, engineering firms, water operators, and training providers. Their combined expertise and resources developed the brochure titled, “The Value of Water – What is it worth to you?” which has been widely distributed.

This year, the WWEOC has taken another step in raising awareness of the value of water and the availability of careers within the water industry. The WWEOC created a Value of Water Activity Booklet for school children, which is now available for distribution. In celebration of Water Week (May 4-10, 2014) the activity booklet is being disseminated to stakeholders in the drinking water and wastewater fields as well as to teachers and children.

To download the Value of Water brochure and Children’s Activity booklet, please visit

New York State Department of Health
Bureau of Water Supply Protection

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