Welcome to the OCWA family

The cooperative project between the Town of Lenox, their contractor and the Onondaga County Water Authority will be coming online soon.

Please check back here to see when you can call OCWA’s Customer Service Department (455-7061, ext. 3335) to schedule your water meter installation appointment.

Your streets are listed below, when the system is approved by the Madison County Health Department and accepted by OCWA, your street’s status will change from “not ready” to “ready”.

Please share this information with your friends and neighbors, check back often.

Carter Road Not Ready
Court Street Not Ready
Kelly Road Not Ready
Lewis Point Road Not Ready
Main Street, North Not Ready
Robert Street Not Ready
State Route 13 Not Ready
Stephens Road Not Ready
Whitelaw Road Not Ready

If you have any questions, you can contact the Town of Lenox at 697-1000 or you can call OCWA at 455-7061, ext. 3125.