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Welcome to OCWA – – Central New York’s Water Authority

OCWA is composed of a dedicated, professional workforce that is committed to providing customers with a safe, reliable and economical water supply. Because of this commitment, the Authority continually invests into the infrastructure and technology needed to meet this critical mission. On this website, you can find information on the ways the Authority is doing this. If you have any questions, call to speak with our staff. We are here to serve you.


Business Hours:
Monday thru Friday
8AM to 4:30PM

Phone Number:
For Customer Service, Press 3335

After Hours Emergency Number:

Contact us by Email:
Email form

Physical Address:
200 Northern Concourse
Syracuse, NY  13212

Mailing Address:
200 Northern Concourse
PO Box 4949
Syracuse, NY 13221-4949


107, 2020

July OCWA Employee Spotlight

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Water Alerts will appear only when active.

What can I expect to see in this section?

  1. Water Interruption due to a Break in the Pipe
  2. Water Interruption due to Maintenance Work
  3. Notice of Cloudy Water
  4. Notice of Hydrant or Valve Maintenance
  5. Notice of Low Pressure

Notices will remain on the page for 24 hours past the anticipated resolution time. Map locations are approximate.

Water Off

Valve Maintenance

Approximate Location:
Water is off on power street and South ave 4 hydrants affected notices were handed out intersection is closed
solvay, NY

Expected Resolution:
Tuesday, 7/14/2020, 2:16 pm

Water Off

Watermain Leak Repair Warners Rd into Jacks Reef area. 86 hydrants in shutdown.

Approximate Location:
2086 Warners Rd
Van Buren, NY

Expected Resolution:
Tuesday, 7/14/2020, 7:10 am

Water Off

Watermain Leak Repair, 200 block of Knapp Rd and 100 block of Camden Rd. 2 hydrants in shutdown

Approximate Location:
210 Knapp Rd
Geddes, NY

Expected Resolution:
Monday, 7/13/2020, 10:37 pm

Water Off

Watermain Leak Repair Van Ness Rd S. to Dead End 5 hydrants in shut

Approximate Location:
Van Ness Rd
Van Buren, NY

Expected Resolution:
Monday, 7/13/2020, 5:41 pm