Pay Your Bill

Pay Your Bill Online Via Our Customer Portal – OCWA OnLine

Note: You will need to register for the site.

OCWA OnLine – Features

List Accounts: Do you have more than one account associated with your Customer Number? No need to register multiple times. Use the List Accounts to see all of your accounts and select the one you wish to make active for the other web site options. (Note: must have separate login to register each account for eBill)

Change Profile: Change your email, update your password, or change your eBill/Paper Bill preference.

Bill History: Graphically display your bill amounts and retrieve eBills. Note: only Bills generated by OCWA’s current software are available on this menu.

Service Orders: View service requests and their status as related to your account.

Meter Reading History: See details such as your meter number, when it was read, and daily average consumption.

Usage History: See your quarterly water consumption and compare with your street, neighborhood, or Town/Village.

Service Information: Quickly view the very latest transaction and bill amount.

Transaction History: Want to see all transactions on your account, including charges and payments? This is the place to be. Change the year and see past transactions too.

Bank Draft (ACH): Does OCWA auto draft your bank account for payment? This menu is where you will see the latest payment.

Make a Payment: Make an online one-time payment using this link. Note: OCWA uses a 3rd party processor for Credit/Debit Card/eCheck payments. Your account information is passed securely and payments are reflected as pending as soon as the payment is made.

Payment for Multi-Accounts: Same as Make a Payment, but you are able to pay any/all accounts associated with your customer number in one easy and convenient process.

Auto Pay – Bank Draft: Register, change, or cancel your automatic bank draft from this menu. No need to remember to pay your bill when OCWA will automatically draft approximately two days prior to the due date.

Seasonal?: Whether you are closing your seasonal camp or leaving town for the winter, you can let us know when you would like your service turned off. Then in the spring, schedule for the turn on when the warmer weather returns.

Submit a Reading: A handy feature for use when you are moving or other times as instructed by Customer Service. Please Note: you must be instructed by Customer Service to submit the reading, and all readings are subject to verification.

Quick Payment: Same as Make a Payment, though no login is required. You will need to have your Customer Number and Account Number handy in order to use this feature. The amount of your latest bill will automatically be filled in.

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