New Home

When you build a new house

To make sure that your new house has water, follow these steps:

1. Call the OCWA Engineering Department, 315-455-7061 ext 3104. The folks there can help you to determine the proper size of service for your new house. They figure the size based on the distance from your house to the water main. They will also give you with a sketch that will show you what has to be installed on your side of the water service.

2. The connection fee that OCWA charges depends on the size of service. This is fee is paid prior to installation of the service.

3. Using the information you receive from the Engineering Department, install your portion of the service:

  • You or your plumber (depending on your local codes) install the pipes from your property line into your house.
  • You must provide two shutoffs—one before the meter, one after the meter. A 12-inch space must be left for the meter.
  • We tap the water main and install everything needed from the water main to the shut off at the property line.
  • We install the water meter.

4. Call our Distribution Office (315-455-7061 ext 3127) 4 to 6 weeks in advance of when you expect to move into the house to schedule a time for your service to be installed.

5. When you are about a week away from moving in, call our Customer Service (315-455-7061) and let them know you are ready for a meter. They will schedule a time for our installer to come to your house and install the water meter.

We will also install an outside remote device on your house that will enable us to read the meter while you are away without entering your house. Normally this is installed near the front of your house and should be easily accessible. We ask that you do not put any bushes or permanent structures in front of this device. The entire installation process takes only about one half-hour.

When you buy a new house

If you are buying a house that has never been occupied, you may find the water has already been turned on. The builder may have connected to the water main to test the plumbing. OCWA has not, however, installed a water meter. You must call us for a meter installation.

In this case, we will need the following information:

  • Address of the property (lot number is always helpful in a new tract)
  • Name you want the bill in
  • A time when someone will be home for the meter to be installed.

When you buy a previously occupied house

If you’re moving into a house that was previously occupied, and you are the owner, call us at 315-455-7061 and speak with a service representative.

Please call before you close on your house! We will check the property to make sure there are no outstanding bills against the property. It’s important to settle any such bills before you take ownership of the property.

We will also make sure that the water meter is read on the day the previous owner is moving out and you are moving in.

We will need the following information when you call:

  • Name you want on the water bill
  • Mailing address, if different from the property address
  • Valid driver’s license number
  • Date you are moving in
  • Former owner’s name—to help to make it easier to process this information

When you are going to rent a house

When a property is rented, we recommend that the property owner pay the bill and collect the money from the tenant if water is not included as part of the lease.

If the person renting the property is also paying the bill, we require a deposit and a tenant letter signed by the owner and the tenant. The person renting will have to come to OCWA’s office and pay the deposit before the property can be put in the tenant’s name.