OCWA Receives Sustainable Water Utility Management Award

  On October 16, 2017, OCWA--Central New York’s Water Authority--received the prestigious Sustainable Water Utility Management Award from the national Association of Metropolitan Water Agencies (AMWA). The Sustainable Water Utility Management Award recognizes water utilities committed to management that achieves a balance of innovative and successful efforts in areas of economic, social and environmental endeavors. [...]

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Important Updates re: Skaneateles Lake Algae Issue

In response to several inquiries, OCWA is providing the following updates to our customers regarding the Skaneateles Lake algae issue.   Click this link to view a map showing the sources of supply for OCWA’s five-county water system. The following is a list of the specific streets in the Town of DeWitt, Town of Lafayette, [...]

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OCWA Launches Updated Website

Today OCWA—Central New York’s Water Authority—launched a completely updated website at  The website includes the following new features: Water Alerts – the home page now conveniently lists all existing water outages or other system delivery issues throughout OCWA’s five-county service territory, including a map showing each specific location and the time that service is [...]

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OCWA Adds Nighttime Maintenance Crews

As part of its constant focus on providing safe, reliable and affordable drinking water to its 500,000+ consumers, OCWA—Central New York’s Water Authority—recently added new nighttime maintenance crews to cover its five-county service territory (Onondaga, Oswego, Madison, Oneida and Cayuga counties). The crews will focus on several critical system integrity tasks, including: 1) leak detection [...]

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OCWA Encourages Customers to “Refill from the Tap”

By: Gillian Sloan Did you know that if all the world's water were to fit into a gallon jug, the fresh water available for us to use would equal only about one tablespoon? Unfortunately, this usable water is getting polluted faster than natural processes can cleanse it.   That’s why we want YOU to Refill from the Tap [...]

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OCWA Joins Stop.Think.Connect Campaign

Stop and Think Before Connecting Online Did you know that there were “over one million web attacks against people each and every day in 2015”? As we continue to embrace the conveniences of connecting to the Internet on the go, it’s important to protect your information on all of your electronic devices. Being more aware [...]

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Water Main Breaks

By: Gillian Sloan Water main breaks happen for various reasons as a normal part of operating a water utility. Overly dry or wet weather causing the ground to shift, sudden pressure fluctuations, and the normal aging processes of the mains are typical causes of breaks in water mains. Main breaks are unpredictable, but when they happen, [...]

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OCWA Hydrant Color Code

By: Gillian Sloan Question: What do the different colors of fire hydrants mean? Color means everything when it comes to fire hydrants. OCWA, Central New York’s Water Authority, has begun its summertime hydrant painting and maintenance program and they want to answer the long time, unanswered question of, “What do those colors mean?” regarding hydrants [...]

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How To Identify Official OCWA Personnel

By: Gillian Sloan In an effort to ensure that our customers only deal with official OCWA personnel, we are providing the following tips to assist you in identifying an OCWA employee that may be in your area: Ways of Identifying OWCA Employees: OCWA personnel will arrive at your home or business in a distinctive Authority [...]

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