Serving CNY

Accomplishments in 2012

2012 was a year that saw the finishing touches being completed on several major projects undertaken over the course of the past four years. The completion of the Otisco Lake Water Treatment Plant and Intake improvement projects lead to the production of the highest quality treated water that OCWA has produced and was the culmination of 15 years compliance with the USEPA’ Partnership for Safe Water. In addition to producing high quality water the plant is operating more efficiently than ever resulting in considerable energy savings at both facilities.

By year-end construction of three new covered storage tanks, with a combined capacity of 70 million gallons, were completed at costs significantly below projected estimates resulting in a $2.1 million reduction in the 2010 bond principal funded through the New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation. In addition to savings generated by very competitive bids by the tank manufacturers, OCWA also received bond principal forgiveness through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 which resulted in an additional $5.1 million reduction in the 2010 bond principal for the tank projects. Ultimately the $33 million bond issued in 2010 was reduced to $24.5 million resulting in considerable interest savings for OCWA customers.

OCWA also completed significant energy savings improvements to its Northern Concourse headquarters. The facility’s aging roof was re-engineered to add insulation for the cold months and used reflective roofing material to cut down on cooling demands in the warmer months. The project also involved replacement of the facility’s original HVAC system and the installation of LED lighting.

Construction of the new West Hill pump station was completed and placed in service early in 2012. The new pump station allows OCWA to now provide customers of the water district with higher quality treated water from the Otisco Lake Treatment Plant replacing water purchased from the Syracuse Water Department. Also the design of improvements and upgrades for the Southern Branch distribution system were completed and the contracts were let for both pump stations, with completion expected by the middle of 2013. The project involves work on the systems two large pumping stations that supply water to the south of Syracuse. Both stations are being upgraded with more energy efficient pumps, motors, electrical controls and enhanced emergency generating power. Once completed the project will allow for more efficient, reliable, and cost effective service to the customers connected to the Southern Branch system.

OCWA continues its consolidation and cost saving initiative related to water service in and around Onondaga County, and as a result another milestone was achieved, by year-end, when the Authority and the Town of Camillus reached an agreement whereby OCWA assumed the operation and maintenance of the Camillus Consolidated Water System effective January 2, 2013. As a result of this, and many other consolidation agreements, OCWA now serves 100,000 Central New York Customers and we welcome the 6,500 Camillus customers as new readers of this report.

OCWA Statistics:
For 2012:
Daily Average System Delivery                                             38.22 Million Gallons per Day
Maximum Day System Delivery (07/22/12)                           50.46 Million Gallons per Day
Average Daily Unmetered Water Use                                      5.46 Million Gallons per Day
Total Annual Delivered by OCWA                                          13.99 Billion Gallons
Total Water Treated by OCWA                                                6.31 Billion Gallons
Total Annual Purchased Water from MWB                                7.25 Billion Gallons
Total Annual Purchased Water from Syracuse                          0.42 Billion Gallons

As of December 31, 2012:
Avg. Cost / Residential & Commercial Consumers               $ 4.33 per 1,000 Gallons
Population Served                                                                  340,000 Retail & Wholesale
Accounts                                                                                 93,512
Miles of Water Main                                                                    1,905
Number of Hydrants                                                                 12,123
Storage Facilities                                                                            50
Pumping Facilities                                                                           38