OCWA Board

The OCWA board is composed of civic-minded individuals with various business backgrounds. They oversee the progress of the water system together with the OCWA management staff to make sure a plentiful supply of water for our communities and economic development.

OCWA Board

  • John V. Bianchini, Chair
  • Susan A. Miller, Vice Chair
  • Eileen D. Gilligan, PhD, Secretary
  • Kenneth C. Gardiner, CPA, CCIFP, Treasurer
  • Robert J. Andrews, Board Member


  • Michael E. Hooker, Executive Director
  • Anthony J. Geiss, Jr., PE, Deputy Executive Director
  • Geoffrey G. Miller, PE, Executive Engineer
  • Laurie J. Khanzadian, Manager Human Resources & Insurance
  • Jeffrey D. Brown, Legal Counsel

OCWA By-Laws (Amended 10-15-14)

Board Committees